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A company is a legal person having a juristic personality entirely distinct and independent of the individual persons who are its members. He was also the substantial creditor. Indian Resident as Director: As such ownership is spread among a number of share holders.

13 most important features of a company as per company act 1956 (India)

They act as agents to the company but not to its members. A company is owned de facto by a number of shareholders which is too large a body to manage the affairs of the company. He sued Das Mai, a director of the company for recovery of the amount of salary due to him.

Strengthening Women Contributions through Board Room: National Company Law Tribunal: More power for Shareholders: Now, it has also been informed that SEBI is expected to discuss changes in certain norms for listed firms so as to make them in line with the rules in the new Act.

They would relieve the Courts of their burden while simultaneously providing specialized justice.

A Company – Definition, Features, Types and Companies Act

The key features of the Companies Act, are as follows; 1. Freezing assets or disgorgement of illegal gains of company under investigation. The CA does not restrict an Indian company from indemnifying its directors and officers like the CA Stringent norms made for the accepting the deposits from the public.

For companies which have net assets of 1 cr. A company can enter into partnership with one or more individuals or another company. A company is owned de facto by a number of shareholders which is too large a body to manage the affairs of the company.

Limit on Maximum Partners: In cases of losses, shareholders are not called upon to make good the losses. Company is an incorporated association of persons created by the law of the country.

It was held that the insurance company was not liable to compensate as Macaura had no insurable interest in the property which belonged to the company only.

And the transfer of its shares from one person to another does not affect it at all. As such he enters into partnership or forms a company.

8 Most Important Features of a Company (Indian Companies Act, 1956)

In the case of a guarantee company, the members are liable to contribute a specified agreed sum to the assets of the company in the event of the company being wound up. Auditors performing Non-Audit Services:The following are the main characteristics and distinctive features of a company form of enterprise: 1.

An Association of Persons: At least two persons or seven persons must come together to form a private or a public company respectively. A single individual cannot constitute a company. This is the. The New Act has drawn heavily on the Companies Act, of the United Kingdom.

At 1, sections running to over 1, pages (without schedules) the New Act is by far the most extensive piece of legislation on the statute books in Kenya. A Company – Definition, Features, Types and Companies Act November 9, A company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business, having distinct legal identity, a name and limited liabilities.

The Companies Act, passed by the Parliament has received the approval of the President of India on 29th August, The Act consolidates and amends the law relating to companies. The. A brief on the Companies Act, A brief on the Companies Act, This publication contains an analysis of the pertinent differences between the repealed and the new Act.

We recommend that while considering the application of various sections to any particular case, reference should be made to the specific wordings of the relevant statute. The Act applies to all the registered company throughout the country.

However it does not apply to universities, co-operatives, societies etc. You May Also Love to Read: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) of India. Company – Types. Broadly, speaking companies can be divided into 2 types – Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.

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Features of companies act
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